Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Preparing for our Trip to South Africa

John has been working hard to prepare everything for our trip to South Africa, while Sarah has been winding up work for the next couple of months. He has been taking care of all the loose ends in Seattle, like paying bills, finding the best luggage to take, buying gifts for our host family, making sure we have all the vaccinations and visa's that we need, coordinating with Projects Abroad on our logistics... The list goes on and on! He even figured out how to get rugby tickets while we are there.

Isabella, our current foster boxer

Sarah has transitioned her work responsibilities to a new member of the PwC team and is finally turning her thoughts to the adventure on which we are about to embark. The last minute appointments have been scheduled. Our current foster, Isabella, is scheduled for adoption.

Our wonderful neighbors have even agreed to pick up John's mom, Fran, who will be staying here while we are gone. A dearest of friends will help out with overseeing Sarah's finances and another favorite person has agreed to be our standby handyman in our absence. We are finally running out of things to add to our "to do" list.

We encourage you to check back with us over the next couple of months, as we share our thoughts, stories and foibles on this site. This may not be the Amazing Race, but I bet it will have as much entertainment value - if our experience in China was any indication. Cheers!


  1. Bon Voyage! Are you going to blog about your trip on here?

  2. Thanks DeeDee! That is my plan so hopefully we will have Internet access, at least on weekends. I know we won't where we are staying. I may switch to a different blog site. I am testing them out now :-)

  3. My son Will's spent a couple of months on separate trips to Cape Town and J'burg last year on his thesis research and met some great people. If you want some leads on fun things to do from young folks (probably in their 20's), I'm happy to see if Will could introduce you, as he really enjoyed the people he's gotten to know over there.

    In any case, have a blast!

  4. Rick, thanks for commenting! We would love to hear some of the highlights of your son's trip. We are always looking for ideas of fun places to explore and to meet good people.

  5. Sarah and John……I was at Joan Izzo's house a couple of weeks ago and met this lovely lady named Vicki Cummings ( She has been to South Africa before and will be there near the end of this month….possibly you guys can connect… All the Best you two!!! TC