Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting To and From Work

Because we work in a settlement, we have special transportation to and from work.  It is not safe for us to walk around the settlements, so Projects Abroad provides a driver for us.  Every morning between 8 - 9 AM, Tyrin picks us up from our host family's home in a minivan and takes us to our site.

The best part about this form of transportation isn't just the free ride, but the conversation that takes place during the ride.  Most of the volunteers are between the ages of 19 - 22. We are always entertained with stories of late night bar hopping (the drinking age is 18), loud singing of the latest pop songs, and well-placed teasing of our housemate Matteo.

Tyrin doesn’t like getting photographed, but John caught him this time

Many of the volunteers on the bus are from Denmark, The Netherlands and France.  Most of them are female, with the exception of John and our housemates Matteo and Tom, who are friends from London.  The girls often roll their eyes at Matteo's boisterous banter, embellished stories, personal slang language and obsession with his own abs and tan.

Matteo did come up with one of the best quotes of the trip one morning.  The minivan was overloaded with 15 passengers, and Matteo commented that he was going to "make his body into a liquid to conform to the shape of the minivan."  You'll have to imagine the British accent to get the full effect.  It is surprising that he was able to be that clever after a heavy night of partying.  He is apparently well prepared for entering university next year.

Tyrin prepares for the morning onslaught of Matteo stories

Tyrin has a great belly laugh and a biting sense of humor, and joins in on the fun.  The day after Matteo got bitten by one of the neighbor's dogs and had to go to the hospital, Tyrin suggested that he drop Matteo off at the neighbor's house so that Matteo and the dog could "spend some quality time together."

Matteo and Tom in the van on the way home from work

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