Sunday, February 10, 2013

We Arrived - 48 hours later

We made it! Sorry that we’ve been delinquent bloggers this first week.  We are adjusted to the new environment and time zone, so we’re going to catch up in a hurry.  We’ll post new blog entries daily for the next few days.

Our view every day of Table Mountain
Our trip over to South Africa was pretty uneventful.  We got some bad news in the Seattle airport lounge.  The wi-fi system didn’t work, so we couldn’t watch the Super Bowl on the plane as we had hoped.  We did get news of the final score.  John got caught up on the details on in the Frankfurt lounge.

Lynette and Grandma Christine in the living room

One funny thing happened in the airport bar during our 12-hour layover there.  Three crazy Italians spilled beer and wine all over each other and the clean glasses behind the bar, and they could not stop laughing about it.  Their silliness was infectious. So much so, the bartender bought them all a shot. The woman spoke animatedly to Sarah in Italian as if she knew what they were talking about.  If only we had an Italian interpreter…..

Our flight from Jo’Burg to Cape Town arrived on Tuesday PM, two days after we left.  We were picked up at the airport and driven straight to our host family’s house.  It’s in a middle-class neighborhood, with a great long patio and nicely manicured back yard.  It is a really comfortable place to hang out.

We love our host family.  We’ll tell you more about them in the next blog entry.

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