Friday, March 1, 2013

Building a Solid Foundation

We spent several days recently building a foundation and starting to build a new wall for the future kitchen area.

Our Project Manager, Deen Singh, and our volunteer team were both interested in some job variety after spackling for a week or two.  Deen allowed us to start building our own wall from scratch, even though the spackling of the walls in the other section for abused women has not been finished.  The other volunteers will get back to that work in the near future, after we are finished with our work on the project.

The photos and captions below tell the story in sequence, so we will let these speak for themselves.

Collecting sub-surface sand is a daily morning activity

Digging a trench with Deen Singh, our Project Manager

Watering the trench to even out the sand level

Collecting rubble behind the site for the foundation

Mixing the rocks in with sand and cement

Bringing the foundation mixture over to the trench

Matteo on the move (Action Figures available)

Raking a foundation layer to make it smooth

One of the foundation layers, watered down

The foundation layer has been built up further

Adding a smooth cement layer to the wall foundation

Roughing up the surface so the next layer will adhere

Moving sand out of the way as another day’s work begins

Matching the foundation with some earlier work

Tom signs his work

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