Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Fun Photos

The last blog entry was exhausting.  We'll keep this one light, breezy and pithy.

The water is calm.

Still life with tanning butter, at Grand Café & Beach

The surf is up.

Surfers wait for the perfect wave at Muizenburg Beach

The tide is in.

Halle Berry shot a scene for “Dark Tide” on this Simon’s Town pier

The tongue is out.

Tiara showing us how her tongue is the same color as her shirt from eating candy

The beer is cold.

Another rhino photo, on the boundary wall at the cricket match 

So is the Chardonnay.

Window view across Kalk Bay train tracks to Brass Bell 

The food is great.

Our last Sunday brunch with the Jeftha’s:  fantastic food!!

The crowd is happy.

Back at &Union, with cyclists from Cape Argus Tour 

Sarah is happiest.

Sarah buys handmade one-of-a-kind shoes at the Old Biscuit Mill

Their bladders are full.

Even Supermen need to use the loo 

Matteo is buried.

Day care kids pile on Matteo in the library 

Everyone we know is in jail.

Tom (center) seeks a donation to break out of jail
Matteo was just captured by a group of kids as part of the Community Chest fundraiser

Krusher needs someone to break him out of jail

The baboon is...a baboon.

25 baboons were on the highway; this guy is hiding

This blog entry is finished.

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