Friday, March 15, 2013

Inverdoorn Part II: Rhinos and More

Inverdoorn has two unrelated baby rhinos that were rescued after poachers killed their parents.  They are kept in a large pen that was right in front of our room, so Sarah grew quite attached to them in 24 hours.  There are also 3 adult rhinos who roam the game reserve.

Sarah can make any baby animal smile 

Apparently it’s not only dogs that like to smell each other…..

This is one tired rhino puppy 

Buntu and Lafinia are the best of friends 

Two of three adult rhinos, all unrelated to Buntu and Lafinia

Inverdoorn has many other types of African animals, but only 3 lions and 2 elephants.  It is not a full African safari experience, which we knew ahead of time.  There are not large herds of indigenous animals, and some of them need to have their diets supplemented.  A complete safari experience, at a place like Kruger National Park, would involve exposure to larger numbers of all of The Big Five:  lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and water buffalo.

“Do these idiots realize I could eat them in a nanosecond?”

“This game reserve is filling me with ennui…..” 

The larger, one-horned elephant is retired from the TV show “Mr. Bones”

However, we think the work Inverdoorn is doing with cheetahs, baby rhinos and other animals is definitely worthwhile.  And the animals have 10,000 hectares (~ 25,000 acres = 40 square miles) of interesting desert terrain to roam around on the reserve.

Below are our favorite photos of the other animals on the reserve:

The Cape Water Buffalo is reputedly the fiercest of The Big Five

The water buffalo enjoy the desert sand 

Male kudu having an early morning snack

Impala and lechwe, living together in perfect harmony…. 
It’s strange but true that these hippos can outrun Usain Bolt 

This herd of eland has adopted a lone zebra 

The beloved springbok is the nickname for the national rugby team 

The main compound, rooms, food, service and environmental knowledge of the staff at Inverdoorn were all first class.

The front of our luxury chalet at Inverdoorn 

On our roof at dusk on Day 1 

We always find desert scenery to be spectacular, particularly at sunrise and sunset when the game drives take place.

Sunrise over breakfast area before Day 2 game drive 

Sarah on the first game drive in late afternoon 

It looks a bit like Ayers Rock in the distance 

The greener plants are milkweed, not good for animals or humans 

The desert flora look magical in the early morning light 

Inverdoorn is a destination we would definitely recommend to others.

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